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Last update : 26/05/2008

You can watch a video of the COSI 99 in !

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You can now try out the latest developments in our bass department: the CHASE and the "99", our new demountable model.

Latest additions to the site (some are still in french, sorry !):

-A video section online films of COSI basses in action updated !

- 2 maps where you can discover where COSI basses are being played

-A photo album section where you'll find the numerous snapshots you all have so generously sent to us

-A new section dealing with your impressions of our products.  Please don't hesitate to write to us with your opinions on the COSI bass. 

- A page to find people to have informations about us : Where find COSI

- A forum for all COSI owners : COSImaniacs !

Join us at these shows:

Right now at the ISB convention, San Francisco, USA

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Welcome to our website where you'll find our complete line of stringed instruments made from composite materials.  COSI is the world's number one maker, the only one to have 20 years experience making composite instruments.

In different sections of the site you'll find loads of information about COSI JCL.  All of our products are presented in the "Products" menu.  Valuable user information can be found in the "Tips" menu.  The latest updates to the site are in the "News" menu, and after you've browsed around the site and you'd like some technical documentation or the pricelist just click on the "Contacts" button. 

Here's wishing you a good browse …

Jean-Claude LAGARDE

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